Social Media at SFU for Spring 2012 (BUS 450)

SFU Beedie will yet again offer “Social Media and Business” in the Spring of 2012. This time, however, it will be called BUS450. This course was offered for the first time this semester (Fall 2011) with Jan Kietzmann and Myself as the co-teachers. The course will be in a relatively similar format in the Spring.

One thing to note – currently, BUS338 is a pre-requisite in the SFU System. Please note that you do not need BUS338 to take BUS450. Please e-mail your business advisor to enrol in this course if you’re unable to do so on goSFU because of the pre-req.

In BUS450, topics will introduce and discuss “social” frameworks (e.g., reciprocity and fairness), concepts (e.g., community building, conversation curation, virality), and Social Media ethics, terms, tools and techniques (e.g., for measuring and monitoring activity and ROI). There is a direct involvement from industry experts in this course as guest speakers. Together, these will provide a well-rounded perspective for Social Media newcomers and experts alike. For students with relevant experience, Bus450 will be an opportunity to reflect, question and improve their own approaches to managing Social Media.

As always, we’re very open to feedback and any recommendations that you may have! Comment here if you have any questions as well.

  • Alex Tang

    This course was one of the highlights of my business degree

  • Kyle Przywolski

    As an accounting and finance student I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. As the course progressed I started enjoying the course more and more. The class can be seen as split between experts and regular users. There is a learning curve to those who are new users. Looking back at my undergraduate degree, I can say this was one of my favourite courses because of the environment of the class as well as the guest speakers. The guest speakers are by far the best part of the class because you gain insight to some of the most passionate people doing their job as well as people who are not afraid to take risks. 

  • Christina Dang

    I would recommend this class for any student with an interest in social media. I am a communications major and was able to follow along just fine with this upper level bus class. We had the opportunity to apply the theories we talked about in class with a community building project. Discussion went beyond the class time and carried over through the week through facebook and twitter. Definitely a highlight of my semester.

About Ashish

Ashish is an instructor at the SFU Beedie School of Business. He frequently helps companies get started or improve their current social media activities. He is the Co-Founder of QuikPiq, a web and iPhone application. He loves film and photography, and he is always involved in non-profit work.