What’s Next?

This is a tough question…but I believe everyone should always strive to answer this to some extent. It should scare you if you do not have an answer.

We need to always be moving, always be thinking 5 steps ahead and work our way to next. What’s Next?

Walk into a meeting fully prepared – Creating a Master Slide deck

I’ve been involved with managing either projects or products over the last few years. I’ve been called to numerous meetings to talk about new products/projects, their value propositions and their road maps. Recently, I’ve started creating a master slide deck for each product/project I’m managing. This slide deck has everything you need to know about the products – from its history, value prop, results, goals, graphics etc.

I’m able to take pieces out of this slide deck to create presentations for any meeting for any purpose. It’s also a great repository for me to keep my results and next steps. This deck is never finished, yet it is evolving everyday with new information.

Removing blockers

Often times, a blocker (typically, a person) will stand in your way from a goal you’re trying to achieve.

This is one great advice that I have received recently…

Ask the blocker, “how do I remove blockers?”

Hey, it’s me

Yo, it’s Ashish signing in. My goal here is to capture my thoughts, my process, lessons etc. I’ll be writing for myself – for me to materialize and document all the random ideas going through my head.